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About Us

Black Swan Investments was founded by Joachim Lubbe in 2013. Up to then, Joachim had studied accounting, worked as a commodity trader and successfully packaged various real estate projects.

Black Swan Investments was created to investigate all things innovative.This led  Black Swan Investments down the path of real estate, 3D printing and the internet of things.Black Swan Investments found that its expertise within the project management and corporate finance spheres, could be applied to these entrepreneurial projects. Black Swan Investments has gone on to share these lessons at The Innovation Hub, SAB Kickstarter, Sophiatown Bizcre8 as well as PPS Insurance.

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We invest across a wide range of asset classes, with current exposure in the real estate and ICT sectors. Project selection is not industry specific, but more often than not falls within the "bleeding edge innovation" category.

Entrepreneurial Project Management

We assist in taking a project from concept to market, with specific focus on entrepreneurial project management. Our approach follows the traditional project management approach, but sets itself apart by spanning project management across both the research and development and commercial phases.

Financial Consulting

We assist entrepreneurs form the start-up phase to commercialisation. Assistance is specifically built around financial modeling with funding applications in mind. Black Swan Investments will also assist in developing pitch decks, concept proposals, business plans and financial forecasts (typically 5 years).


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Our investment philosophy is built around partnering on projects which we believe will be of strategic value. More often than not this would mean investing in "bleeding edge" projects and managing the associated risks through a hands on approach. Investment is structured according to project specific requirements and managed on a milestone basis.